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Looking for a kid’s bunk bed with storage drawers galore? Trying to find a kid’s bed that has a built-in desk for homework? What about a bunk bed that has two beds facing different directions as well as stairs that double up as chests and shelving in particular places, for lamps, that make reading in bed ideal? The Berg Sierra twin bunk bed as seen in the image below has all these features and many more.

It’s a highly attractive kid’s furniture piece that will make an excellent addition to any type of bedroom interior. The bunk bed is made from natural and organic Engineered Wood which is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. A variety of finishes provide a myriad of decorative possibilities that can help make this furniture piece fit into the bedroom’s existing design scheme and ambiance. The abundance of storage drawers means buying other storage furniture pieces becomes pointless and this can have great benefits for bedrooms that are lacking in size and space.

The Berg Sierra bunk bed is ideal for toddlers and up. Little boys and girls adore the stairs and the many little hiding places as well as the storage drawers for their toys and belongings. There are a variety of places where their dolls and action figures can be displayed as well as plenty of surface spaces on which to attach their drawings and paintings. The beautifully designed desk at the end of the bed structure provides an inspiring place to complete homework assignments and/or to engage in creative pursuits. An in-built light fixture is also included.

A selection of drawer knobs provides nice finishing touches to complete the overall look. As well as being highly functional, the space-saving bunk bed for kids is very attractive and will have a warming effect on the look of your children’s bedroom. It’s perfect for twin toddlers who will certainly be able to make use of the two bunks and desk for many years to come.

You can buy it from here: Berg Sierra Twin Bunk Bed for Kids.

Made in the USA.