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Once again I find myself writing about a fascinating piece of cat furniture suitable for the home. As regular readers will know, I have a great regard and fondness for the feline and so when I saw this bent plywood cat scratcher on my internet travels, my attention peaked. I’ve had cats all my life and so I feel I know instinctively what cats like and do not like. This curved cat scratcher which can be hung on a vertical surface, placed against a wall or left on the floor, is both visually pleasing and perfectly functional for your cats to get their claws into.

The main body of the bent plywood cat scratcher has a walnut veneer whilst the scratching part is made from FLOR Terra style carpet. The neutral colors of this strong material mean the curved cat scratcher will merge in with most types of existing interior decor.

As noted previously, the bent plywood cat scratcher can be placed in one of 3 locations depending on your cat’s habits. Some cats like my own prefer high vantage points where they can survey the room and at the same time, enjoy a good scratch like they would if in a tree. This means the curved scratcher can be hung on a wall in the living room, kitchen or wherever your cat likes to spend the most time. Owing to its simple construction and neutral colors, it will not subtract from the interior in which it is placed.

Other cats, perhaps with a bit more belly to them or with old bones, prefer to stay closer to the ground. In these cases the bent plywood cat scratcher can be leaned against the bottom of a wall such as an area next to one of the door frames. For the laziest cats known to man, the scratcher board can even be placed flat down on the floor from where the cat can roll about and play with its toy mice whilst at the same time enjoying a scratch. This latter option is particularly suitable for a troublesome cat who likes to rip the carpets to shreds.

You can read more about this cat furniture piece from the following location: Modern Critter Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher.

Price: $309

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