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The number of homes using solar power as an energy source is increasing. No longer is solar power the concept found only in futuristic magazines, science fiction and television documentaries. A growing number of homes in California in particular, now run on solar power energy alone. The energy harnessed by the sun’s rays is used to heat the home in Winter and run a multitude of electrical systems and appliances. Not only is solar power environmentally friendly, it’s also economical.

Solar power for the home comes in the form of solar electric panels. Inside these panels, photons generate electricity which is then transferred to wherever needed in the home environment. The panels, also known as photovoltiaic or PV panels come in a number of designs depending on the location they will be installed in. These locations include up on the roof, attached to a wall or as free standing instillations in a garden or field.

The addition of solar power in the home gives a variety of benefits. These include a drop in utility bills by up to 50% or more, less pollution to the local environment, a storage facility for energy usage at a later date and also a rise in one’s property price.

solar-power-for-the-homeSolar power can be used in conjunction with pre-existing energy sources. However, with most solar power systems, there comes the added benefit of meters which measure the levels of solar energy used against more regular energy sources. When the utility bill is thus added up, the solar energy figures are subtracted from the final cost.

The only major drawback to home solar energy instillation is the initial price. They are still relatively expensive but as time goes by, like with anything else, the price tags tend to go down. However, the long term benefits and price reduction via energy consumption, is immense. It’s thought that the initial cost of installing the solar panels is entirely paid off within 12 years due to the alternative and free energy generation. This is one of the main reasons people purchase solar power panels for the home.