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I’m a great admirer of the classics, whether in literature, art or music. This Beethoven statue for the table top was therefore an interesting find I made recently. It’s made from plaster and shows a rather sullen but contemplative Ludwig van Beethoven. The plaster statue stands at a height of 26.5 inches and is a perfect size to rest on top of a table, chest of drawers or bookshelf.


Beethoven is known throughout the world as one of history’s greatest virtuoso pianists and composers. Born in Bonn in 1770, the German composer was soon to move to Vienna in Austria where he would live for the rest of his life. Despite going death in his 30’s, Beethoven continued to produce pieces of music that are enjoyed globally to this day.

If you are into the classics and like a sophisticated touch to your interior space, then this plaster Beethoven statue will be highly suitable. Place it on your home study desk to inspire your creativity and work ethic. Alternatively, you can showcase the statue on a bookcase in the living room or in the hallway where guests will be able to admire it.

You can buy this item from the following location: Beethoven Statue for the Table Top

Price: $180