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What are the benefits and reasons for getting a bedside cabinet? There are in fact numerous good qualities a nice bedside cabinet can bring to a bedroom. These range from the storage capabilities to the decorative styles that enhance the interior design of the room.

Having an item of storage furniture beside your bed is one of the main reasons a bedside cabinet is popular among people of all ages. This is especially a fact with the elderly who find it the most difficult to get out of bed just to get something from a kitchen cupboard down the hallway. Instead, they can store whatever they might need during the night, inside a drawer, close to hand.

bedside-cabinet-woodA lot of people need to take medications before or during the night. Again, these can be stored securely in a bedside cabinet and many even come with locks to prevent small children accessing these tablets and potions during the day.

There are a wide variety of other accessories people need close to hand before they start their day and when they are getting into bed. Contact lenses, glasses, watches, false teeth and plasters can all be stored in bedside cabinet drawers and on top. It’s always a pain having to get out of bed just to put something away rather than have to dump it on the carpet or wooden floor.

Most of us like to have a glass of water beside our bed, especially if we have a cold, allergy or live in warmer climates. Rather than put the glass or cup in a perilous position on the floor where it can easy be knocked over, the cup can instead be placed on the top of the bedside cabinet, perhaps on a coaster.

I personally love to read in bed and do so each and every night. However, for a while I didn’t have a bedside table or cabinet at all and had to leave my books piled up on the floor, often to get a little dusty. With my bedside cabinet, I can now place them on the top or inside of the bottom drawer, which not only frees space around my bed but keeps the books in very good condition. This goes for remote controls and other gadgetry one might have for bedroom televisions and sound systems.

wooden-3-draw-bedside-cabinetMost people have a bedside table of some kind and of course this is a great item of furniture to have on which to put a table lamp. That said, a bedside cabinet is just as good and provides a table top sized surface and similar sturdiness. Whether you have a traditional lamp or a modern swing lamp for reading, the style of cabinet available on the market will each be able to accommodate and even enhance the lighting.

I’ve covered just a few of the benefits a bedside cabinet can bring. They also come in many different shapes, sizes and materials such as oak and pine. Some have one drawer, others two or more. Depending on what your requirements are, you’ll be able to find a cabinet to your liking without much difficulty.