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It never rains but it pours or in the case of the umbrella chandeliers, shines. These delightful lighting fixtures combine two completely separate objects and merge them into an aesthetically pleasing fusion of color and light. The umbrella, used to shelter a person from the rain metamorphosizes into a ceiling lamp, an object that mimics the sun for indoor use. With this in mind it is not too difficult to see where the inspiration for this fascinating combination comes from.

umbrella-chandeliers-over-a-dining-tableThe umbrella chandeliers are the creation of New York designer Shelly Sabel. Each umbrella lamp is made from umbrella pieces, some of them found, along with aluminum and porcelain sockets and parts. So far this year they have been displayed in numerous galleries but they will soon be put into mass production and sold in stores.

chandelier-umbrella-lampscolored-chandelier-umbrella-lampsOne might say it is bad luck to open an umbrella indoors but when the result looks as stunning as these creations, it’s a case of folding away old wives’ tales. As can be noted in the images, these contemporary chandeliers come in a variety of colors. To read more about the designer and browse through more pictures of her creations, visit the website of Shelly Sabel.

What do you think of these umbrella lamps?

H/T: Yanko Design