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One of my favourite images during the Christmas period is the famous Nativity scene. The festive period would mean little without this Christian symbol and it has come to sum up what this time of year really means to our culture and countries. If you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant Nativity theme, then I recommend these nativity set figurines which include the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as an assortment of wise men, angels and animals.

nativity-scene-figurines-10Throughout my childhood, my parents would set up a nativity scene on a bookshelf, table or windowsill. I remember when only little being fascinated by the characters of the Nativity and playing with the little toy lambs and cows that were included. This interest during the Christmas period led to my parents teaching me about the story of Jesus and what Christmas really means, which is often sadly hidden under today’s commercialism.

For anyone who appreciates good quality and beautifully crafted figurines, this nativity set of 10 figurines will appeal. The brilliant blues of the clothing illuminate the figures whilst the amazingly detailed facial expressions and expressive postures are striking to say the least. The entire 10 piece nativity set is made from a resin-stone mix which means it will last a life time and can be passed down to future generations who can be told the story of the birth of Jesus.

nativity-scene-figurines-3-wise-menI can’t wait for Christmas and this nativity set of beautiful figurines reminds me of the joy this season fostered during my childhood years. If you are thoughtful to the meaning of Christmas and adore finely crafted religious figurines, then this nativity set will make a perfect addition to your Christmas decor this year.

You can buy this festive set here: Nativity Set Figurines Including Baby Jesus, Wise Men and Animals.

The tallest figurine is 19.5″ in height.