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One of my favorite decorative glass work techniques is Millefiore glass fusion. The term ‘Millefiore’ comes from the combination of two Italian words “mille” meaning a thousand and “fiori” meaning flowers. The picture below which shows the beautiful Murano Mouth Blown Pendant Light is an example of Millefiore glass fusion in action. If you are looking for a ceiling light with color, texture and beautiful floral designs then this Mini-Monty Pendant is perfect.

Millefiori glass techniques have been in use for many centuries and date back to the Roman period. One of the oldest pieces of Millefiori was found during the discovery of Anglo-Saxon jewellery in the twin cemeteries of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England. In more recent centuries, Millefiori glass is more notibly connected to famous Venetian glassware, especially that of Murano glass. The name Murano being the small island location off the shores of Venice which became the main area for glass-making during the 13th century.

The elliptical-shaped mouth blown glass shade of this stunning Mini-Monty Pendant exhibits the results that hundreds of years of glass-making evolution has provided. Millefiore glass fusion is mixed with silvery flakes thereby giving a delightful decorative lighting feature when the light is both on and off. The Murano mouth blown pendant light is both luxurious and elegant as well as relaxing. Nevertheless, it also has a wild side and can flaunt its beauty when the setting is right.

This particular Mini-Monty Pendant comes with a choice of four different shade designs each one with the distinctive Millefiore glass fusion designs. Murano means quality and this is certainly what this delightful Murano mouth blown pendant light is.

You can buy this lamp as well as see the various options here:
Murano Mouth Blown Pendant Light with Millefiore Glass Fusion