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Decorative accent lighting provides colorful and uplifting brightness to a space or focused area. This is certainly the case with this very beautiful multicolored glass table lamp by Eglo. The Sabana Table Lamp as it’s called, is composed of a delicate cylindrical glass shade which surrounds the light bulb inside. It has been carefully hand-crafted and as one can see from the picture, the colors are delightful and will only be further enhanced when lit.

With a little imagination, one can imagine how this decorative multicolored glass table lamp will look when lit up in a darkened room. Beautiful swathes of colored light will beam their way onto the nearby walls and ceiling. Rather like church stained glass windows, the majesty and elegance of the display will be eye-catching to say the least.

A variety of interiors will benefit from this decorative and colorful accent lamp. Whether on a bedside table, a dining room sideboard or a living room coffee table, the Sabana Table Lamp will offer a warmth of light to see you through the Winter or alternatively a cheerful accompaniment to warm Summer evenings on the balcony, sipping wine and chatting to family or friends. You’ll know by now the perfect place for this little lamp.

You can buy this decorative lamp from here: Beautiful Multicolored Glass Table Lamp.

Price at the time of writing: $68.54