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Grizzly bears are fascinating creatures to study, if you’re a nice safe distance away. After watching a recent documentary about a man being bitten by a grizzly, I’m definitely one who likes to keep a few dozen miles away from their natural habitat. However, bear décor is something I have no problems with and that includes this decorative bear wall clock with a fish as a pendulum.

bear-wall-clock-with-pendulum-fishThe Brizzly Bear Clock as it’s called is the creation of Michelle Allen, a popular American crafter of handmade clocks and mirrors. Her work has been described as eccentric and witty with a focus on the imperfect rather than rigid attention to detail and reality. Naturally, this only applies to the background of the clock and not the timing piece itself which keeps time perfectly.

The bear wall clock is made from hand cut wood and is perfect for a wall which needs a little humor and light heartedness but also a time piece. Children and adults alike will enjoy the original and cheerful design. If you have a son or daughter that loves to read about nature, then this will be a great addition to their bedroom wall. The bear clock won’t look out of place in the living room or basement either and would be perfect for an animal or forest themed interior.

You can buy this clock here: Bear Wall Clock With a Pendulum Fish

Price: $72