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One of the most unique lamps I’ve ever come across is this BANG! table lamp by Bitplay. The seemingly ordinary white lamp looks perfect for placement on a home office desk or bedroom homework table. That is until you start playing with the accompanying toy gun which is in fact a remote control. Aim at the lit lamp then pull the trigger. Suddenly the lampshade will fall to one side and the bulb will turn off. Press the trigger again and the bulb will come on again and the shade slowly rise upright.

The table lamp is dynamic, fun and original. Lamp fixtures with a little surprise to them are an ever popular feature in contemporary homes. With the advent of modern technology and all the various gadgets we have become used to, the need and desire for more inventive and multifunctional items for our everyday enjoyment has grown. We seek out things which surprise us and which we know will shock our friends and family. It’s therefore no surprise that this gun themed table lamp is such a popular item, especially for men.

No longer will you need to fiddle for the switch either on the electrical cord or directly below the bulb. Instead, pick up the gun, John Wayne style, aim in a suitably cool fashion and pull that trigger to illuminate the part of the room in which you want to work, read or play. The BANG! Lamp will also be an entertaining feature for kids who will find the whole process of turning the lamp on and off immensely amusing. Indeed, wives might have to hide the gun remote for a few hours to stop their husbands blowing a fuse through overuse.

You can buy the lamp from here: BANG! Desk Lamp with Gun-shaped Remote Control.

The scope of the remote control is to about 50 feet.