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We often overlook various items in the kitchen when it comes to general decoration and aesthetics. That’s why I have presented here a modern black scroll kitchen set made up of key items you will need for every day use. The three items consist of a banana holder, a napkin holder and also a paper towel holder. All are decorated in the same style with black painted steel shaped in attractive and distinctive curls and spirals.

The three holders are self-standing and can be used in conjunction with other items of a similar design, color or material. When not in use, the spiral shapes will continue to act as aesthetically pleasing items which can be left in place on a kitchen counter, table or windowsill. The black metal quality of the banana, napkin and paper towel holders means the expressive and delicate looking curls will contrast distinctively from the objects they are crafted to hold or contain.

Kitchen interiors are all too often rather linear and straight in appearance. These black metal spiral holders will bring a little more curvature to the kitchen area. The holders will also bring a certain uniformity to a décor scheme which might otherwise look a little messy and haphazard.

You can buy this set from here: Banana, Napkin and Paper Towel Holder Set.

Price: $29.47