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If you love fruit, like me, then this banana fruit bowl is going to have your mouth salivating already. There’s little more satisfying than chomping into a ripe apple or peeling the skin of a banana in anticipation of the soft fruit within. This resin bowl cast from a bunch of real bananas is a celebration of fruit in all its varied glory.

The resin banana bunch bowl can be placed on a dining room table or coffee table in the main living room. From there it will provide an attractive focal point as well as a functional fruit holder. The design means it will look great with or without fruit and in the latter case can stand as a work of sculptural art in its own right.

It can hold more than fruit too. On a hallway table it can be used to store gloves, wallets, key collections and even bills waiting to be opened later in the month (ahem… day). If you feel white is a little boring, you can also find the banana bunch bowl in two other colors and these are gold and blue chrome. If you’re particularly creative, you can also paint them yourself in another color or combination of colors.

Banana Bowl – $119.00
Retail Price: $129.00
You Save: $10.00
from: Generate Design Inc