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Cutting bread and cake can be a messy business in the kitchen. No matter how hard we try to keep crumbs off the kitchen surfaces, somehow they seem to get into any nook and cranny as well as trodden underfoot on the floor. That’s why this unusual cutting board caught my eyes. The Bamboo crumb board is a promising solution to the mess crumbs can make in the kitchen as well as making an attractive accessory to the look of the food preparation space.

The Bamboo crumb board neatly catches the crumbs as the bread is sliced on the wooden bamboo slats. When the job of cutting bread and preparing a meal or sandwich is done, the slat part of the bamboo cutting board is removed and the crumbs emptied into a bin or into a container for feeding birds. The slats are then replaced ready for the next time bread is sliced. The Bamboo crumb board in this way keeps the kitchen work surface neat and tidy whilst also providing a lightweight and multi-positional cutting board for use anywhere in the kitchen.

The bamboo crumb board is easy to you and will compliment kitchen interiors that have a variety of similar wooden utensils and items, whatever type of wood they are made from.

You can buy this unique cutting board from here: Bamboo Crumb Board.

Price: $44