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I was recently searching for a new laptop stand and workstation in regards to my own computer work. I’d spent too long sitting on comfortable chairs with my laptop on my lap and my concentration suffering as a result of the extremely comfortable conditions. I wanted a computer stand that would securely hold my laptop and provide storage space for a printer and reading material. That’s where the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand as seen in the image below came in very handy.

balt-lapmaster-laptop-standIf you’re looking for a mobile workstation that is modern, stylish and highly adjustable, then the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand is in fact one of the best on the market and indeed, one of the most highly recommended. It provides a comfortable yet solid structure that will aid in concentration and the work ethos. The Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand is an adjustable mobile workstation that is ideal for a home study or library that will instil an office-like ambiance to an otherwise domestic room.

What makes the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand so well liked is the additions it has that make it more than just a laptop stand. These include a copy binder as well as a clipboard on which to place documents for hands-free reading which can come in immensely helpful when typing and reading at the same time. At the base of the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand is a platform of a printer. This is positioned nicely and prevents what are usually ugly looking printers becoming center of attention.

As one can see from the image, the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand has a number of features which are adjustable including the copy binder, clipboard and the laptop surface itself which can be adapted to people of all heights and sitting measurements. The Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand also has coasters, hence it being a mobile workstation, which means it can be moved from one side of a home study or kitchen, to the other and of course from one room to the next. This is handy if you work from home in the living room and want to move the Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand out during the evenings or when guests come to visit.

You can read reviews of this laptop stand by visiting the following website from where you can also make a purchase: Balt Lapmaster Laptop Stand.

At the time of writing it cost just over $170.