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Baby safety gates are considered by many parents to be one of the essential purchases when a new baby enters the home. It’s important to make all preparations necessary to provide a safe atmosphere for babies and toddlers. Once babies become mobile, a whole new range of dangers introduce themselves in seemingly innocuous places. To ease parental concerns and to prevent harm to the little one, it’s wise to look into the types of baby gates available.

The baby safety gate is basically a small barrier which can be attached to a wall or doorway. When closed it prevents the baby from crawling into danger areas such as the kitchen, the top or bottom of a staircase and also the front or back door when left open in Summer. It provides peace of mind to the mother and father and also gives the baby more freedom to roam in safe areas.

baby-safety-gate-stairsBaby safety gate designs have come a long way over the last few decades. I have faint memories of when I was a baby and seeing my parents clambering over gates that were not designed to open. This presented dangers for them, especially if at the top of the stairs. They were very good at keeping the baby (me) safe but were cumbersome and inconvenient.

However nowadays baby safety gates are much more user friendly. Whilst in the past, most gates were made from wood, they are now made from strong plastic materials. The majority also have hinges and latches meaning they provide extremely easy access as well as perfect safety. Baby gates have also been designed to be used in more areas of the home where babies might face dangers, such as by a fireplace. The gates also come in many different sizes and can be adapted to fit unconventional entrance ways and openings.

For the first few months of baby’s life, the safety gates will be irrelevant. However, they should be installed before the fourth month of age. In most cases, the time when a baby becomes mobile is sooner than we often expect and can happen quite suddenly. The baby safety gates should remain in place until the then toddler can safely walk up and down the stairs or can obey instructions not to enter a kitchen or dangerous area.

baby-safety-gateThe average baby safety gate can also have an extended life well after your child has grown up and no longer needs a safety barrier in the home. New pets, especially puppies, are known to cause mayhem if left to their own devices. If you have a room or area of the home where you don’t want the new four-legged arrival to venture, then a baby gate will be the perfect safety barrier.

When you return home with a baby safety gate, it’s important to install it correctly by following the instructions carefully. Test the gate thoroughly beforehand and make sure there are no faults. Don’t be afraid to give the gate a good yank or push, for it is vital that the gate can cope with strong pressure similar to that of a toddler trying to open it.

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