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Are you looking to reduce the clutter of shampoo and liquid soap bottles in the bathroom? If so, you will be sure to like the Aviva three chamber shower shampoo and soap dispenser which can be wall mounted inside a shower cubicle or anywhere else on the bathroom wall. Just press a pump once or twice and you get all the soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash or face cream you need without the gooey mess that comes with handling plastic and glass bottles and jars.

The Aviva three chamber dispenser features a modern and attractive design which will compliment most bathroom interiors. Its practical nature and contemporary quality means it will add a certain stylishness to one of the most important rooms in the home. In fact, the wall mounted liquid soap dispenser with pump action doesn’t have to be confined to the bathroom. Wherever soap is used and related cleansing liquids, the triple chamber dispenser can be placed. Interiors can include the kitchen, utility room, garage, bedroom, indoor swimming pool or artist’s studio.

A silicone based adhesive provides an extremely strong grip to the wall and there’s also options to attach the wall soap dispenser via the use of screws. The three units slide in and out easily when it’s time for refilling whilst small hooks at the base allow for light-weight shower and bath accessories to be hung.

If you are tired of fiddling and groping around for shampoo and shower gel bottles whilst in the shower or bath, then you will find this Aviva three chamber wall mounted soap dispenser a breeze. Your bathroom interior will never again look so cluttered. As previous reviewers have stated, the dispenser is an eye-catching feature to any interior and gains the respect and appreciation of visiting guests.

You can buy this dispenser here: AVIVA Three Chamber Dispenser in Chrome.

Price: $41.18