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Paths are synonymous with journeys, whether actual physical journeys or ones taken in a figurative sense to show the natural progression of our lives and the choices we make. This very beautiful “Around the Tree” hand-painted canvas portrays a path winding around a small group of trees in a seemingly deserted and barren landscape. It’s brown, red and orange colors suggest it is set in the autumn months whilst the sky behind leads us to believe it is a dawn scene with the sun rising.

It’s both slightly melancholy and undeniably cheerful all at the same time. The loneliness of the path and landscape are balanced with a joyful anticipation that whatever has happened previously, there is brightness and happiness about to pop over the horizon. The trees can be symbols of mankind and almost appear to be human figures gazing towards the light. What you take from this oil painting will be dependent on your own experiences and what is taking place in your life now. With paintings like this, we are allowed to construct a narrative ourselves with which the artwork becomes ever more special in meaning.

The hand-painted oil on canvas autumn trees scene is individually created and thus no two pieces are alike. A painting like this will look splendid in a living room, bedroom, or dining room where it will contribute to the general décor scheme of the interior whilst also offering an aesthetic focus and perhaps a helpful contrast. Slightly philosophical art pieces like this one also fit well into more cerebral environments such as home libraries, home offices, as well as meditation/yoga spaces. If you like art with a lot of contemplative value then this delightfully rich autumn tree scene with winding path will suit your tastes.

You can buy it from here: Around The Tree Hand-Painted Canvas.

Order soon for each one can take a little while to be completed once ordered.