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Microwave kitchen carts are ideal for people who are seeking an extra bit of surface space in a kitchen or utility room. More often than not, we find that there is little space to add extra appliances which we need to use in the kitchen, such as a microwave. If you have enough floor space, then the alternative to squeezing a microwave next to the toaster is to add one of these attractive and functional microwave kitchen carts to your kitchen interior.

Wooden kitchen carts are a visually appealing item of storage and preparation furniture that can compliment a variety of kitchen interior décor schemes. Their natural look and sturdy nature mean they are often indispensable kitchen accessories that become a vital component to the cooking and food preparation areas of the home. This microwave kitchen cart has small wheels at the base for easy manoeuvrability which means it can be moved from one location to another, or from one wall socket to the next, depending on the function you require.

The attractive microwave kitchen cart which has a natural maple finish also has an inbuilt enclosed storage space. This is ideal as a work surface for when an item of food has just been taken out of the microwave and needs to be adjusted or transferred to a plate. Alternative uses can be as a storage area for dried pasta, spices and tea. As one can see from the image, there’s also a cupboard where further items connected to food preparation can be stored.

This microwave kitchen cart is therefore a dynamic and functional kitchen unit that will add a further work surface as well as a platform for the kitchen microwave. The microwave is also stored at a comfortable height without the need to bend down and out of the way of a little child’s reach. Depending on the existing decor of your kitchen, the microwave kitchen cart can also be painted to match the colors already in place in the kitchen interior.

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It’s 36 inches in height.