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Wine cabinets of any type are vital items of furniture for those who enjoy wine and aim to build a collection. The main function of a wine cabinet is to keep secure precious bottles of wine and liquor as well as to prevent spoilage through environmental factors such as heat and light. Wines tend to improve over the years if they are kept in the ideal storage environments which means it is important to have a good wine storage area or cabinet.

asian-wine-cabinetWine cabinets come in all shapes, sizes and decorations. One of my favorites is this Asian wine cabinet as seen in the picture above. The decorative features as well as the fantastic array of storage boxes, racks and pockets inside, means it’s an ideal wine furniture piece for the domestic home interior. It’s certainly one that will compliment the home’s decor and overall look.

This particular Asian wine cabinet is great for a study, living room or basement area where it can be placed in the most protected area of the room, away from central heating sources and direct sunlight. Various accessory drawers, compartments and criss-cross racks provide great storage potential for a wide variety of bottle sizes and shapes. Wine bottles, whisky bottles and many more can be stored in this Asian style wine cabinet.

You can buy this particular wooden wine cabinet from the following location: Asian Wine Cabinet

For a room with pre-existing Asian-style decor, it is likely to fit in perfectly.