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Bored of your mundane bathroom interior décor? You might need a change in design which will completely change the style and ambiance of your bathroom or shower area. Tiled walk-in showers are a sophisticated and attractive possibility for your shower if you want to bring something more long-lasting, classical and easier to clean than your present industrial-looking white boredom-inducing cubicle.

Most walk-in showers are made from ceramic tile materials which bring a number of benefits over more regular materials such as fiberglass or acrylic sheets. Ceramic tile is long-lasting and can withstand years of daily wear and tear without showing ill effects. Any chips or cracks can easily be replaced unlike those of other constructions such as solid surface sheet materials.

A drawback when it comes to ceramic tiles is the problem of mildew. This can occur when the grout used to fill voids and seal joints is overcome with mold or fungus if not applied correctly. Special cleaning products, plus care and attention can usually keep this problem at bay however.

Tiled walk-in showers are the most expensive style of shower design to install, as one might expect. Materials used are also more costly. That said, these shower types last long than all others and so are cost effective over the long run. It’s difficult to install the tiles yourself if you have little previous experience and thus professionals are likely the best option to make sure your shower area is constructed properly.

One of the many upsides to tiled showers is the variety of choice you have when deciding upon what type and style of tile you want. There are a multitude of colors and patterns available which will suit all tastes and décor requirements. These can also be combined to create mosaic-like effects so as to avoid the rather mundane white wall look.

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