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It’s not just humans that can move into contemporary apartments with a view of the sea. So can fish! This architectural condo fish bowl is for a fish or two that love to live the high life in surroundings other than a glass box, which you have to admit, are so 20th Century. No, your fishy friend will have windows to look out of and a sense of security and peace that cannot be achieved with wall-to-wall glass. All that’s missing is a television, cocktail bar and sauna.

Goldfish are actually relatively intelligent and have a memory span way beyond the few seconds that a popular myth suggests. They can be trained to take food from a human’s fingers and can differentiate between different colors, shapes and sounds. Goldfish can even recognise the different voices of home-owners in the home where they are kept. After an extended period, goldfish can often be seen awaiting food when humans move near to their tank, having learned that their approach often means food.

It’s very important to change the water in a fish bowl on a frequent basis if there is no water pump or filter. Fish poop a lot and this build-up of waste can become toxic and lead to premature death for the goldfish. If you haven’t already and you’re considering a fish bowl like the one mentioned on this page then it’s imperative you do a little research on how best to look after the fish and make sure everything is in good working order.

This stylish architectural fish bowl will not only be functional for keeping fish but will also become a decorative feature in a room. Friends, family and guests will not be able to take their eyes from the fish condo and will no doubt harbour a little jealously that your goldfish has such swish and sophisticated living quarters. Children will love it.

You can buy it from here: Aquatic Condo – Black.

Size: 7.7″L x 7.7″W x 8″H.