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For centuries, pharmacists across the Middle East and Europe sold drugs, medicines and herbal remedies to people of all walks of life. Special Apothecary shops could be seen in all cities and towns during the medieval period. These Apothecary glass jars with antiqued labels come in a set of 9 and echo the historical significance of these early pharmacies and how they would eventually lead to the stores we are familiar with today. Each one is a different size and shape to the other.

The study and constant mixing of various herbs and chemicals paved the way, prior to the development of ‘scientific method’, to what we now know as pharmacology and chemistry. However, the apothecary would also do more than merely act as a man behind a counter. He would also be called upon to act as a surgeon, help with the delivery of babies and offer advice. Unfortunately, as with many professions of the period, the advice and medicines the apothecary delivered turned out to be useless or fraudulent.

If you are interested in herbal remedies and/or have an interest in the history of the practice, then these jars will make a great addition to a kitchen or dining room in your home. Antique-style labels lend the jars a more authentic feel which will add decorative resonance to a space. Naturally, you will not find some of the things mentioned on the labels but they are a fun way to be reminded of medicinal history. Inside these jars you can store anything from pasta, rice, herbs, nuts, vegetables, soaps, spices, beans, candies and many more items.

You can buy this set of 9 from here: Apothecary Glass Jars with Antiqued Labels.

Price: $180