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Annora Spence is a British artist whose work I have admired for many years. In fact I have a number of her art prints on my walls dotted around my home. I first saw Annora Spence’s when browsing a London Art Gallery and was taken by the unique style she has created and which now makes her work famous throughout the world. When you have come into contact with one painting by Spence, you will know her other works from a distance, wherever you go, without having to read the name tag. So who is she?

man-bike-woman-skates-art-printAnnora Spence studied printed textiles during the 1980s at Liverpool Polytechnic. From there she advanced her education in the same field by gaining an MA from another polytechnic in the relatively nearby (by US geographical norms) city of Birmingham. During the 1990s Spence worked as a freelance artist and designer as well as forming a career as a painter. With the latter career path especially, her fame and global reach grew and she enjoyed sell-out gallery shows in numerous major capital cities include her own, London. In the mid-90s she evolved her work to encompass silkscreen painting which gave her style yet another dimension.

annora-spence-yellow-car-red-backgroundThroughout her life, Annora Spence has travelled widely. Like with anyone who visits foreign countries and continents, the sights and sounds that she came across could not help but have an influence on her art work. In particular, her journeys across Europe and India provided inspiration for many of the characters and colors she has used on many of her prints. The richness of tone, of color and texture hark back to the cultural gems she must have seen in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and the fashion and craft of the Indian Subcontinent.

Much of her work is filled with humor and certain amount of quirkiness. This provides a wonderful basis for abstract enjoyment which comes across in her art prints. What I particularly like is her use of color which shows her ability to merge different hues and tones that many people just cannot do, in a tasteful manner anyway. Eccentricity is a key factor in her work and this is intentional on the part of Annora Spence.

I recommend looking through the wonderful portfolio of British artist Annora Spence. If you want to add some color and originality to your walls, then her work is certainly a very good option to consider. They look good placed into nice simple wooden frames as well. You can also search out cheaper art prints in poster format here: ART PRINTS –!.