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It’s said that the art of carpet making in Persia goes as far back as 500 B.C. Whilst the styles have changed over the centuries, the quality of the craftsmanship has only improved and that’s why Persian rugs are known worldwide as some of the best carpets in the world. This animal themed red Persian Mehraban rug as seen below is made in Iran and portrays the animals that can be found in the region of Hamadan where it is made.

A fascinating thing to note about this red animal themed Persian rug is the location which influenced its style. For the last few decades, tensions between the United States and Iran in the political arena have clouded what was before a close relationship in culture and the arts. This is mirrored by the fact that the Hamadan Mehraban type of Persian rug is influenced by the recommendation of a certain Mr. S. Tyriakian of New York who suggested Americans would prefer rose-field carpets with blue borders and detached floral motives. The style would later be called the ‘American Sarouk’.

This red animal themed Persian rug is an example of an ‘American Sarouk’ made in Mehraban, a district of north Hamadan in Iran. The rug shows animals native to Iran such as goats and what I believe are lambs. Whilst Western influenced, the Persian rug is still richly in the style of traditional Persian rug designs which have gained popularity worldwide. In fact, the English artist and textile designer William Morris was a great admirer of Persian weaving and much of his work was inspired by Persian art.

The colors of Persian rugs are beautiful and this is the case with this animal themed Persian Mehraban rug. A deep red acts as the background whilst accent colors such as blue, beige, green and reddy-brown merge together to form what can only be described as ‘eye-candy’. If you have a fondness for Persian rugs and admire, like I do, the rich and beautiful colors that comprise Iranian art and design, then this animal themed red Persian rug will make a wonderful addition to your home interior.

In most cases it will look best on the floor where it can be admired such as in a living room, bedroom or hallway. It can also be attached to a wall or placed on a large table as a decorative room accent.

You can see a larger picture of this red Persian rug as well as purchasing details and further information at the following location: Animal Themed Red Persian Mehraban Rug Made in Iran.

Price: $175