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Humor is an important aspect to include in any interior where possible. Whether this is outlandish, subtle, self-deprecating or ironic, humor can brighten up a room more than a thousand candles. This came to mind when I came across this angel wall sculpture pair made from wood by the artist Stacy Simbrom. The Angel and Fallen Angel Wall Sculpture Pair will provide a light-hearted touch to any space in the home.

angel-wall-sculpture-pair-woodThe contemporary folk art style of the angel wall sculpture pair is highlighted further by the style of their creation. Both the Angel and the Fallen Angel have been individually painted on carved wood with further mixed media additions. These include breast faucet handles for the Angel and a naughty split red hook for the Fallen Angel. Both have been given distressed metal wings which adds both contrast and an endearing flair.

These two angel wall sculptures explore the concepts of good and bad, naughty and nice in a humorous and playful manner. The seashell feet and hinged arms just add further to the fascination make-up of this angel wall sculpture pair.

If you have an interior that needs some decorative wall sculptures in order to brighten up the ambiance, then this pair will be ideal. They’ll also be great for a living room or guest room, where a little laughter won’t go amiss among friends and family.

You can buy these angel sculptures for the wall by naughtily spreading your angel wings and hovering to the following location: Angel and Fallen Angel Wall Sculpture