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A cat lover’s home will not be complete without at least one cat statue. It can be small or large but needs to be in a prominent position to show visitors that the house is decidedly cat-friendly. It’s therefore important to find a good quality statue and that’s where this delightful ancient Egyptian Bastet cat statue comes into the picture. Made from cast bronze and with hand-painted color accents and antique finishing, the statue is a must-have for any cat devotee.

The Bastet was a feline goddess from ancient Egypt and was worshipped up until the end of the Second Dynasty (2686 BC). Egyptologists have discovered that Bastet was originally portrayed as either a fierce lioness or a woman with the head of a lion. During this period she was considered the protector goddess of Lower Egypt and defender of the pharaoh. Gradually, over time, her standing slipped due to competition from other feline goddesses and she morphed into a cat-goddess. Sometimes she was represented as a woman with the head of a cat but most of the time, simply as a cat.

The Ancient Egyptians loved cats and revered them as special creatures. This was in no small part due to their rat and snake catching abilities which frequently saved food supplies and often kept away disease. Some royal families even dressed their cats with jewellery and allowed them to eat from the same plate as they did. A few modern-day cat owners will undoubtedly be sympathetic to such actions. Hundreds of thousands of mummified cats have been found in tombs across Egypt.

This good looking Bastet cat sculpture measures 8 inches in height and features an array of intricate detailing that does justice to the beautiful form of the feline body. The cat wears jewellery which is hand-painted in a truly wonderful understated manner that takes nothing away from the bodily form. Green felt is attached to the base of the statue so as to protect table and shelf surfaces from any marks. Placed in a prominent position in a living room, bedroom or dining room, the ancient Egyptian cat sculpture will bring a touch of classical elegance, beauty and sophistication to an interior setting.

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