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Most people love the beach on a warm summer’s day. Children especially adore playing in the sand, finding crabs and collecting sea shells. This set of 3 aluminum sea shell shaped bowls are an excellent reminder of happy childhood vacations on the beach and will make super serving accessories for a dinner, cocktail party or garden barbecue. Shells are often portrayed in various artistic representations and cultural narratives.

Depictions of shells appear in some religious ceremonies whilst they can also be used as personal adornments and even musical instruments. In some countries, shells are even used to cover the outer walls of buildings.

These set of 3 sea shell bowls are made from aluminum metal but sea shells in nature are actually the hard protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. Their varied sizes, colors, shapes and patterns of shells have led them to become a favourite theme amongst artists and designers. Many interior schemes incorporate sea shells in a room’s décor.

These aluminum shell bowls will make attractive additions to a coffee table or outside drinks area. Fruit, nuts, candies and just about any other type of food served during parties can be presented on these large bowls. The metal body will shine by day or by night when it catches the light.

You can buy them from here: Set of 3 Aluminum Shell Bowls.

Price: $250