This post will provide some ideas and inspiration for designing an Alice in Wonderland Bedroom for a child. I’ve personally designed kid’s rooms before and can say that creating  themed rooms based on fairy tales or animals is a hugely enjoyable experience. Most of the fun comes in collecting the materials, items of furniture and decorative art whilst imagining the look of joy on the child’s face when their new Alice in Wonderland room is revealed. So what should you think about? What products and decorations are there?

alice-in-wonderland-printA Brief Alice in Wonderland Summary

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was a novel written in 1865 by the English author Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). It’s based on the story of a little girl who falls down a hole and ends up in a fantasy world of peculiar anthropomorphic creatures. There she meets a succession of animals including a white rabbit, mouse, dodo, caterpillar, cheshire cat and a mad march hare. Together they have gloriously surreal adventures, the most famous of which is the taking part in a tea party where riddles and stories are told.

mad-hatter-in-alice-and-wonderlandThere are also a number of completely fictional based characters such as the Gryphon, the Duchess, the King and Queen of Hearts and also the Knave of Hearts. An oft made misconception is that Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty and the Jabberwock are present in Alice in Wonderland. However, these actually only appear in the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. For a child’s bedroom, this detail won’t matter too much.

Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Colors

Children love color which is marvellous for this particular theme. In the story a few main color combinations stand out. The denim blue and white of Alice’s pinafore; the red, black and white of the playing cards; the various greens and blues of the woodland and sky; and the white and ginger orange of the rabbit and cheshire cat.

alice-in-wonderland-drawing-sketchA Calming Influence to the Room

The whole story is lively with little calm or serenity. Alice is a daring and inquisitive little girl always exploring new places, whilst the white rabbit is always on the move. With this in mind, it is wise to create some parts of the bedroom which have a more calming influence important when the child is hyper-active. This can be achieved through various means including hanging curtains partioning off part of the space or using large areas of blues and green near the position of the bed.

Some children become scared at night when left alone, whether in complete darkness or with a lamp left on. It’s wise to think about the charachters portrayed on the walls and cuddly toys, and whether they can become frightening to a small child. The Mad Hatter for example is rather a scary figure as is the hideous Duchess.

The White Rabbit is a friendly looking creature and one could use this as the main theme for an Alice in Wonderland bedroom. Soft cuddly toys, paintings and even mosaics of white rabbits can be purchased very easily.

Alice in Wonderland Products for the Home

alice-in-wonderland-mad-hatters-tea-party-throw-blanketThis Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party Throw Blanket is made from beautiful 100% cotton and makes an excellent wall hang or as decoration folded on child’s bed.

Humpty Dumpty Pendulum Wall Clock

As I mentioned earlier, Humpty Dumpty was not actually a character in the first Alice in Wonderland book. However, what an absolutely wonderful little fellow he is. I felt it most terrible to leave the little man out and for the purposes of a kid’s bedroom, the exact details of his absence in the story are rather unimportant. He is one of my personal all-time favourite fairytale characters.

pink-wallclock-alice-in-wonderlandIf you want a more feminine clock and one true to form then this decorative pink Alice In Wonderland Wall Clock will be a delightful addition for a little girl’s room.

alice-in-wonderland-cloth-dollThis pretty 18″ Madame Alexander – Alice in Wonderland Cloth Doll will be a lovely addition to your child’s toy collection in this particular themed bedroom.