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Alessi’s ‘La Stanza Dello Scirocco Centrepiece Bowl’ is a highly contemporary tableware piece that will fit in well with most modern interior settings. Born from the notions of abstract art, the black metal cascading tiles that make up the fascinating piece connect together to form the shape of the bowl. This can be used in a kitchen, dining or living room setting for everyday items such as fruit and bread or as a purely decorative accent on its own.

‘La Stanza dello Scirocco’ is made for Alessi by renowned Italian designer Mario Trimarchi. Known foremost as an architect, Trimarchi has spread his talents wide and worked freely in the domain of product design, photography and graphics. One of his notable posts throughout his varied career was as the Director of Advanced Design at the prestigious Domus Academy in Milan. Geometry is one of his passions and this is reflected in his work, including the fractured centerpiece bowl in the image above.

In many ways, the bowl has been inspired by light and shadow which plays a large part in interior design and architecture in Trimarchi’s native Sicily. The sirocco, a strong Mediterranean wind from the Sahara desert, is echoed in the chaos of the sheet metal pieces that are reminiscent of flying debris in hurricanes. The scene is caught as in a photograph with the shadows forming the corporeal.

You can buy this bowl here: Alessi La Stanza Dello Scirocco Centrepiece Bowl.

Price: $96