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The name and work of Alberto Giacometti has been across front pages recently due to the sale of his metal sculpture ‘L’Homme qui marche I’ (Walking Man I). The human figure sculpture, which was made in 1960, was sold at Sotheby’s in London for a record breaking price of £65 million ($100 million). I was reminded of this fascinating news story when I came across this metal human figure sculpture as seen below in the picture.

I must admit, I’m not familiar with all of Alberto Giacometti’s work and if someone had said this was a reproduction of one of his pieces, I would have believed them. This metal human figure sculpture is very similar in style to that of the famous Swiss sculptor and painter. Just like Giacometti’s stick people sculptures, this metal human figure is a study of human nature and a composition of a part of ourselves we would each recognise.

It’s interesting to note, that the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once said of Giacometti’s figure sculptures, that they were symbols of existential despair. Perhaps this was formed from the Swiss artist’s experiences of Cold War anxiety. Yet with this sculpture I am showcasing today, I see more of a stoic figure that stands proud and with a discernible bodily expression of childlike wonder. Unlike the existentialist angst that coursed through the works of Giacometti, this metal human figure sculpture is looking to a new beginning, a world of possibilities.

If you’re looking for a figurative metal sculpture in a similar style to the stick people of Giacometti but with a more positive gait, this elegant human figure sculpture will be ideal. Placed in front of a window, on a side table or beside a traditional brick fireplace, the human figure sculpture will catch the eye and provide a talking point as well as a catalyst to philosophical pondering.

Price: $200