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The Aiden stainless steel table bench is a great example of home furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether used as a seat or a table, the strong steel material and structure means it will cope with and function perfectly well in a variety of settings and scenarios. The modern design also allows the table bench to compliment a wide range of existing interior environments.

Solid symmetrical beams of stainless steel make up the bulk of this ultra-modern furniture design. Rather like metal crates or metal grid flooring, the steel table bench adds a sense of purpose, industrial strength and contemporary elegance to the ambiance of a room. As noted previously, the table bench can be used in a variety of ways. These include as a seating furniture piece or as an accent or coffee table depending on your needs and requirements.

The stainless steel will lend itself wonderfully well as a backdrop for a myriad of decorative accents such as a vase of flowers, medium-sized ornaments, a pile of books or a bowl of fruit. One can even consider putting a small table runner or cloth over part of the table thereby providing a contrast of soft fabric with hard metal. The possibilities are endless with this type of furniture.

You can purchase this piece from here: Aiden Stainless Steel Table Bench.

Price: $698