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Looking for a beautiful Persian rug for your dining room or living room floor? One of my favorite styles of carpet is the Tabriz Persian rug which can be seen in the image below. This aged purple and red rug is large enough to fit under most dining tables, beds and together with other large furniture arrangements to provide a delightful flooring spectacle which will compliment and indeed complete an interior design scheme.

Tabriz Persian rugs are named after the city and region from where they originate. Tabriz is the fourth largest city in Iran and is situated in the West of the country in the East Azerbaijan Province which is close to the Turkish and Azerbaijan border. The city has been recognised as the most prolific of Persian rug making centers and is famed worldwide for the quality and ultra-high standards of the rugs made there. It’s interesting to note that most people in the city of Tabriz are considered Azeris, a Turkic-speaking ethnic group, rather than Persians.

There are a wide variety of Tabriz Persian rug designs but most usually share common characteristics apart from their city of origin. The majority feature dense floral patterns like the one showcased in this post which in composed of a multitude of purple and red flowers and similar decorative attributes. Geometric designs and medallions can also be seen in many Tabriz rugs and again, these are also present in the example above. Other rug designs include images of hunting scenes, vases and pictorial motifs of objects common to the Persian and Azeri region of the world.

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This particular 6′ 10 x 9′ 9 Tabriz Persian rug is one of a kind and has been aged so as to provide a classical and old-worldly look to your interior. You can read about the materials, colors, condition and purchasing details on the product page above.