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When looking for a wooden plant stand with a difference you might want to consider one made in the African nation of Ghana. I’ve written about the creative creations made in this West African nation before and that’s because of their quality designs and resulting aesthetic beauty. This wooden plant stand can also act as a wooden site table and is completely handmade by Ghanain artisans skilled in the craft of traditional and modern furniture making.

Since the middle of the 17th Century, Ghana has supplied wood to European nations which has included in no small amount, Mahogany. In fact, it was for other reasons that the West African coast on which Ghana lies caught the attention of European merchants. The British named the area ‘The Gold Coast’ due to the gold resources whilst the French named it ‘The Ivory Coast’ due to the ivory decorations worn by the tribesmen and which is still seen in the name of a neighbouring country today.

The history of the area is fascinating and this is somewhat carried through in the high quality of this wooden plant stand which can also act as a side table or accent table. It’s made from hardwood and has been enhanced with etched patterns that are both contemporary and reminiscent of more traditional designs. If you’re looking for a wooden plant stand that can be more than just another functional furniture piece, then this African Ghanain wooden plant stand or table will make an ideal addition to your home interior. This is especially so if you have a fondness for foreign cultures and their particular designs.

You can see more pictures of this circular wooden plant stand as well as purchasing details at the following location: Handmade Ghanaian Wooden Plant Stand.

Price: $88