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Cube candles are one of my favorite types of candle on the market. I thought I’d seen the whole range before today, when I came across this stunning African Swazi candle made by artisans in the tiny nation of Swaziland. Whilst they are made in Africa, part of the technique involved in making these cube candles is actually taken from a centuries old tradition found in the Italian cities of Venice and Murano.

african-swazi-cube-candleWhen lit, these Swazi cube candles are illuminated from within, allowing light to escape through the patterned areas seen on the outer shell of the candle. These are made from hard wax veneer which barely melts when the wick is aflame. The patterns on each invidual candle are hand made by the artisans in Swaziland, with slightly different interpretations on each one.

Millefiori, meaning ‘thousand flowers’ was first discovered in ancient Egypt but was later perfected in the great glass-making cities of Italy. The glass beads and other items found there were of such high standards and beauty that they became valuable and much desired. Later traders travelling the trade routes on the African coast would trade beads made in Venice as a form of currency in exchange for ivory and gold. Africans were so taken by the craftsmanship that they began to make their own. The craft of Millefiori was therefore transplanted to the African continent.

However, what is most well known today, is the African art of candle making which uses the technique of Millefiori but without the glass. A distinctive hard wax is used instead which is formed so as to create a variety of colorful designs. This particular Swazi cube candle has a green shield print and is around 4 inches in height and the same in width.

If you have an African themed room in your home, especially a bedroom, then this African Swazi cube candle will make a delightful addition. That said, it will make a wonderful accompaniment to many styles of interior design with its rich color and vibrant lighting effects when lit.

You can buy this candle from here: Cube Green Shield Candle from Swaziland

Price: $28