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African decorative boxes are a beautiful alternative to the more regular Western versions that populate our stores. They also provide a themed accent to an interior which is extremely beneficial if you have an existing African décor scheme. If you’ve ever travelled to the Africa and regret not bringing back a few more cultural accessories from that artistically rich and varied continent, then this African decorative box with a Sankofa bird lid might be just what you’re looking for.

The Sankofa bird is a mythical species from the Ghanaian region of West Africa. In the native Akan language, the word ‘Sankofa’ represents both a proverb and a symbol. When translated to English the closest meaning would be “go back and take”, which teaches in a nutshell that it’s not wrong to go back for that which you’ve forgotten. The symbol of ‘Sankofa’ can be seen in two images, one of the familiar heart shape and the other, a bird with its head turned backwards attempting to take an egg off its back.

As many sayings and proverbs in Western cultures teach, it’s good to go back and take knowledge and wisdom from the past to use in the present and future. As one can see from the picture of this African decorative box, the lid portrays the Sankofa bird reaching over its back to pick up the symbolic egg. When placed on a bedside table, living room shelf or bathroom windowsill, the Sankofa bird box will be a reminder of an important philosophical truth from the heart of Africa.

What’s more, the decorative box has been individually hand carved by skilled artisans in the nation of Ghana.

Price: $62