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The teachings of the Buddha have inspired hundreds of millions of people over the many centuries since his death. Today, in the West, thousands follow his words and actions in order to discover more about the reality of life and existence. This abstract red Buddha wall hanging on canvas is a beautiful art work piece ideal for a practitioner or admirer of the ancient religion, or philosophy, of Buddhism.

The canvas on which this painting is reproduced is a cotton/poly blend and has been so made as to add strength, sturdiness and longevity to the piece. It can be mounted as is, without a frame, just like in art galleries. This is due to the custom built wood frame found within. The floating effect contributes to the simple yet profound image echoing the power the words of the Buddha once had, and still does.

If you like to practice meditation, or merely are inspired by Buddhist art and decoration, then this abstract red Buddha canvas art will make an ideal addition to your living room or meditation room wall. There’s a decidedly Indian feel to the painting and this is marked by the Bindi symbol. This is the dot placed on the forehead between the eyebrows (Bhrumadhya).

The red Bindi has a significant meaning in some cultural forms of Buddhism and in Hinduism. In meditation terms, the red dot is where the practitioner focuses their concentration (or sight) during meditation. The lotus flower and incense smoke spirals add background themes related to Buddhist practice, which enhance the decorative qualities of the painting further. Wherever it’s placed and for whatever reason, the red Buddha wall hanging will bring a peaceful and focused quality to the interior as well as inspiring art work.

You can buy it from here: Abstract Red Buddha Canvas Wall Hanging.

Price: $125