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This abstract wooden sculpture depicting a man deep in thought must resonate with a great many of us during our working day. Whilst we may not be sitting on the ground, the action of drifting off into a dream world instead of tapping away at a computer or having to fill in mundane forms is something we all must admit to at some point in every day. Throughout humanity’s history, our imaginations and thoughts have paved the way to some of our greatest inventions and successes.

The abstract figurine consists of two main sections both joined together by a pair of arms. The top section depicts the thinking man’s head, chest and shoulders whilst the lower section is comprised of his crossed legs. It’s very Eastern in theme and style and this is no wonder for the human sculpture is made on the Indonesian island of Bali, now most famous as being an attractive international tourist destination. Skilled artisans in this region of south-east Asia have long been making works of art and sculpture from the natural materials found in the forests of this part of the world.

The day dreaming figurine is made from Suar wood which is a type of hardwood native to a rainforest tree in South America. In the last century, the tree species was spread across the tropical regions of the world and is now found in Indonesia as well. Suar wood is a very eco-friendly wood for it is fast growing and easily replaceable. Its popularity as a material for sculpture can be found in the fact that the wood varies dramatically in color from the centre of the tree to the outer rings. Its interlocking grain also makes it a strong wood and less liable to crack in drier regions of the world such as North America.

The thinking man wooden figurine has been individually hand-carved and will thus be a unique piece. It will look lovely in just about any room in the home and will certainly sit well in an Asian or Buddhist themed interior.

You can buy the figurine from here: Wooden Statue of a Man Deep in Thought.

Dimensions: 12 inches high, 9 inches wide.