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The Nautilus Shell Writing Desk Office Suite as pictured in its various parts below is a writing desk set that is reminiscent of the colonial past. Anyone who is keen on history will know about the European adventures of yesteryear and the difficult job they had of managing the new lands they had acquired. This tropical style writing desk reminds me of the films portraying British, Spanish, French or Portuguese colonial offices in places such as the Caribbean, Borneo and parts of Africa.

In fact, this Nautilus Shell Writing Desk Office Suite was directly inspired by the colonial furniture found in the West Indies and has also been given the wonderful name of Sunset Key Rum. One can imagine a British or Spanish administrator sitting at this tropical style wooden writing desk filling out forms in the sweltering heat of the Caribbean summer. The woven arm chair, Lateral File Cabinet and Bookcase only add to the beautiful and historical style of the Nautilus Shell Writing Desk Office Suite.

If you have an interior similar to the Spanish-style setting pictured in the image above then this tropical style colonial writing desk set will be ideal. However, the writing desk set which is made from maple wood will compliment and settle well in a variety of interior styles and locations. As one reviewer mentioned, it’s a writing desk set that will look as equally good in a living room as it would in a home office interior. The exotic feel is heightened by the distressed Rum finish as well as from the delightful pineapple and woven accents on the table and chair.

The rounded edges of the Nautilus Shell Writing Desk are echo the shapes and curves found in the ship structures and architecture of the Spanish and British colonial designs. For anyone who loves to sit and work in a refined setting with historical and cultural symbolism, then this Nautilus Shell Writing Desk Office Suite with a decidedly tropical feel will make a great addition to their home interior.

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The set comes with added optionals as well.