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The stunning Marie Louise Lamp by Sander Mulder is a table lamp that catches the eye with ease. Its beauty rests in the delicate illumination that curves around the edge of the traditional table lamp shape. A soft magic glow is born from the fluorescent tubing which then diffuses into the interior where the Marie Louise Lamp is placed. Form comes overwhelmingly before function yet the latter is not impeded in the slightest. A central spine of light blooms like a flower into the shape of a lamp shade.

The Marie Louise Lamp is a lighting fixture for artists and poets with its delicate yet profound beauty bringing words and images of creativity and wonder to the fore. Like a ghost or apparition, the ethereal lamp appears out of the darkness rendering the mind in awe of its unique construction and originality. In the picture above, the Marie Louise Lamp by Sander Mulder is shown with an amber light color yet the contemporary table lamp can also be found in 7 more varieties. These include: yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, red, green.

The beautiful Marie Louise Lamp is made from PMMA sheets which have been illuminated with a special fluorescent bulb. PMMA is a shortened form of Poly(methyl methacrylate) which is basically a transparent thermoplastic. This is the same material that is used in the construction of spectator protection barriers in ice hockey as well as in motorcycle helmet visors and viewing ports in underwater submersibles. It’s also used in orthopaedic and dental surgery. However, for the Marie Louise Lamp, the PMMA’s ability to transmit up to 92% of visible light makes it a natural material for such a stunning and unique table lamp.

There’s also a second lamp shade alternative to the clear version seen in the first picture. In the image directly above you can see an engraved version which adds body to the shade area of the table lamp. The intricate engravings are highlighted by the illumination of the lamp and add an extra dimension and quality to the already beautiful Marie Louise Lamp designed by Sander Mulder.

A lamp of this quality and style can be placed in a variety of different interior settings. The Marie Louise Lamp is in the shape of a more traditional looking table lamp and can be used in much the same manner. That said, its modern character and unusual design means it can also be placed in locations a more regular lamp would not suite. For example, the Marie Louise Lamp can be placed on the floor of a minimalist style room or on an accent stool, end table or dining table.

The beauty and originality of the Marie Louise Lamp means it should be placed in a position where it can be most admired. This should be considered in relation to its form and function as a light source as well. It’s in the evening and a night time that the Marie Louise Lamp really comes into its own and thus it would be best suited in an interior where people group together most at these periods of the day. When the main ceiling lights are off and a few smaller lamps are turned on, this stunning Marie Louise Lamp with illuminated edges will become a focal point of the room where it is situated. It will certainly be a talking point and one to be admired each time it is turned on.

You can buy this contemporary lamp from the following website: Marie Louise Lamp.

Price: $1,339