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Are you looking for a majestic vase and a set of serving pieces for a dinner party? You’re probably thinking that you will need to make two purchases if you do but not necessarily. On my travels around the vast expanse of the internet I came across this Ming Vase look-a-like which you can see in the images below.

The incredible hybrid design merges a Ming Vase with six serving trays which can be used for almost any occasion imaginable. It’s formally called the “Ming by iBride” after the French family business that creates these types of wonderful and unique products for the home interior. I’ve mentioned iBride before on this website. Their love of combining two pieces into one individual object has made their name, pronounced “e-breed”, synonymous with imaginative ground-breaking products but with perfect function too.


The Ming Vase by iBride can be taken apart with ease for the six trays are designed to be securely stacked by merely putting them together. Inside each bowl are a series of decorative features to enliven their individual qualities.

If you are wanting to creating a marvellous talking point amongst your friends, family and guests, then this Ming Vase by iBride is the perfect item for your table. It shouts out to be taken apart, put back together again and then taken apart once more and explored with amazement and vigour. The magical imagery will have an effect on everyone in some way or another.


The vase/trays are made from high pressure laminate that has a pre-recycled wood core. There are a choice of either two colors, red or white. A perfect addition to any modern interior space where a touch of contemporary style mixed with old-fashioned charm, is needed.

You can buy this vase-cum-trays from this location: Ming Vase by iBride

It’s a fabulous gift idea for anyone who likes original, decorative and functional tableware.