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Many homes will just not have the space for one of the large box saunas that are made for a family to share. For many interiors they can also look overwhelming and are a hassle to install and expensive to power. There are alternatives to this type of sauna however and my favorite is the half sauna which is small, portable, comfortable and suitable for rooms of all sizes and shapes. The health benefits that a home half sauna brings are also a distinct plus.

The word ‘sauna‘ comes from an old Finnish word meaning ‘bathhouse’. They developed from what were once merely large holes dug in a slope in the ground and heated using a fireplace. Saunas were then heated using fire and hot stones and then finally, in the modern age, with electricity. The home half sauna is a further evolution of the traditional sauna which has become an icon of Finnish culture. Instead of stepping into a four-walled sauna rather like the inside of a wooden shed, the half sauna provides instead a comfortable enclosed bench which leaves the upper body and head in the open.

This half and half nature of the half sauna has its benefits. The first is that for many people, the humidity and heat of the sauna can affect existing medical problems and leave a person short of breath and feeling ill. The half sauna allows the person to enjoy the warmth of the traditional looking sauna whilst inhaling air at normal room temperature. The second major benefit is the size. As mentioned before, the home half sauna is small in comparison to the four-walled versions which means it can sit happily in rooms of varying sizes. Thirdly, the half sauna needs no extra plumbing or ventilation installed which cuts costs and hassle.

There are a long list of health benefits which come with a sauna of any kind including this half sauna. Using this sit-down half sauna, the benefits include improved pain relief in joints and muscles; reduction of stress, anxiety and tiredness; improved blood circulation; lifting of mild depression and also clearer skin tone. You can read in detail about the benefits a half sauna like this one can bring here: Benefits of a Sauna.

What is particularly of interest with this half sauna is the user’s ability to carry out other activities during the heating process. In a four-walled sauna, it is unwise to take in electrical items or paper materials such as books due to the humidity. However, this sit-down half sauna allows the user to place a laptop, book or even a meal on the top of the half sauna construction which is directly in front of where the person sits.

People with back problems might be wondering whether the half sauna can provide warmth for this area of the body. The answer is yes. Carbon heaters with ceramic sand safely and effectively heat the back area as well as the stomach, legs, knees and feet. Heat penetrates the body safely and evenly using infra-red technology. The inside temperature of the half sauna is completely insulated when in use and the person is sitting down. For extra comfort, a cushion can be added to the bench inside which is also heated from underneath.

A digital control panel means the half sauna can be easily adjusted and the simple attachment to a 120-volt outlet means the sit-down sauna is suitable for just about any room in the home. Via the link below you can read more about what this wooden half sauna is made from and further benefits.

You can buy this half sauna from the following location: The Home Half Sauna.

There are more pictures available on the website linked to above.