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Are you a fan of the 16 oil paintings known collectively as ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ by the American artist C. M. Coolidge? If so and you are fond of tapestries, you will adore this ‘A Friend in Need’ tapestry wall hanging based on one of the famous scenes of dogs acting in a human manner. Anthropomorphized animals, that is, animals given the attribution of human characteristics, have long been a popular artistic theme, best portrayed in comic strips and cartoons.

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge created the 16 paintings after being commissioned in the year 1903 by Brown & Bigelow to advertise cigars. It was actually the nine scenes showing dogs around a poker table that became the most famous amongst the American public. The poker scene in the tapestry above actually had an underlying theme which was one of cheating. Each of the other paintings which make up ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ also had similar messages. Over the decades, the series became most popular with working class Americans and were a firm favourite in these households. However, nowadays, the historical and cultural significance of the scenes has now made them iconic amongst people of all generations and backgrounds.

This tapestry wall hanging with dogs playing poker is a great decorative accessory to purchase for yourself, or for a friend, who is fond of American social history as well as our canine friends. Woven on jacquard looms, the tapestry is rich in color and vibrant in appearance. It can be hung to any type of wall in one of the main interiors of the home or even the hallway. Despite people’s familiarity with the dog poker players, the wonderful scene never fails to catch people’s attention and will be a talking point in your home with family and guests.

You can buy it from here: A Friend in Need Tapestry Wall Hanging.

It measures 54″ x 38″.