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A famous statistic says that we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom. However, most of that time is spent in complete darkness asleep. That said, a bedroom interior décor scheme needs to be attractive for the time before we sleep and for other intimate occasions. The following 8 ideas are easily applied ways to completely transform a dull bedroom into one that is a pleasure to enter and sleep in.

Personal Accessories

You don’t have to use words to tell a story. A tale of your life, dreams and interests can be displayed in the form of personalized decorative accessories which define in some way who you are. Sea themed decorative items will fit well in a bedroom of someone who loves to go sailing during vacation. Perhaps you and your husband met on a cruise around the Caribbean and thus nautical related objects will bring back magical memories for the both of you.

Alternatively, you can find picture frames in different themes which can then be complimented with family photographs and hung in prominent positions in the bedroom. You can find thousands of decorative possibilities with small personal accessories to adorn bedside tables, cabinets, dressers and shelves. Consider the basic style of the interior as well as a general theme or two and work from there by collecting a few items to really provide an array of accent pieces that will brighten up the room.

Window Treatments

What type of curtain you place on your windows will depend on a variety of factors. These include which direction your window faces in relation to sunrise and sunset; the size of the window; how many windows are in the room; the size of the interior; and the existing (or planned) interior décor of the interior in question. Bedrooms normally require thicker curtains than a living room so as to keep the breaking morning daylight from waking sleeping family members too early.

If a bedroom window directly faces the rising sun then heavy curtains or blinds will likely be a requirement. However, with a window that faces the setting sun, thinner curtains or blinds will be suitable. Small rooms will likely suffer from large and dark curtains as will interiors with an overly white décor scheme. You can find plenty of thick material window treatments in lighter colors however which will suit all needs.

Bedding Combinations

Bedding does not necessarily have to be an exact science in relation to the colors and fabrics chosen. A bit of mixing and matching of tones and materials can enliven a master bedroom interior and create added interest. This is especially the case if you’re a fan of Bohemian and Eclectic design styles. Consider combining colors you especially like, which perhaps you saw in public somewhere and thought worked tremendously well. Patchwork quilts are a great possibility.

Modern Look

A general white tone is a great way to produce a contemporary looking bedroom. White walls combined with white furniture, matched with colourful highlights such as wall art, rugs and flowers, will transform a ubiquitous interior into a modern looking space. This can also work with other colors such as red, black and yellow, although it’s important not to go overboard on one single tone or it will become too brash.

Ornate Look

A more traditional looking bedroom interior will require more wood than one might ordinarily have already. Browse a selection of quality oak or pine double beds which will become the main focus of an ornate interior. Match this with more wooden furniture such as dressers, tables, wardrobes and trunks. Add some gold to the interior in the form of candlesticks, mirror frames, sculptures and bedside lamps, and combine these with curving and intricately formed patterns in the form of wallpaper, carpeting or bedding.

One Consistent Color

A single consistent color acts in a similar way to a unifying room theme. Choose a color you like most, such as maroon in my case and then consider places where you can incorporate the color in the bedroom interior. The color can be used in an obvious or highly understated way, depending on your tastes and wants. For example, you could paint one wall of the bedroom in the chosen color together with the same tone being used as the bedding. Alternatively, add small decorative accents such as statues, keepsakes and candles in said color and keep the rest of the interior in another main tone.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Wardrobes and mirrors are an indispensable aspect to the majority of bedrooms. That’s why a furniture piece that combines storage qualities with reflective possibilities is such a popular choice for many households. The mirrored wardrobe is a great way to increase the visual space of a bedroom interior as well as providing a functional mirror for grooming before the day really begins. They come in a variety of designs and styles to fit with your existing décor.


A loveseat is a small sofa for two people. This makes it ideal as seating furniture for a master bedroom. Intimacy is always a positive when it comes to a married couple’s sleeping quarters and a loveseat provides a place for a husband and wife to sit, talk and/or read together. These small sofas can be found in many different styles and finding one that will match your bedroom’s décor will not be at all difficult. It’ll give a touch of warmth and harmony to the interior.