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White kitchens have always been popular and probably always will be. The neutral color can suit any interior design theme. Color psychology also plays an important part when designing kitchen decor and unlike reds, browns or darker tones that can increase hunger, white does not play a role. In fact, in a stuffy and hot cooking environment, the lighter the room, the better.

The following are some examples of white kitchen designs I’ve recently come across. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration when it comes to creating your own culinary interior heaven:

white-rustic-kitchen-exampleThis stupendous country-style white kitchen is enhanced with a large retro fridge and a rustic butcher’s trolley. Most of the room’s accessories are white but with a few black boards, greenery and decorative items providing some contrast. I love this interior.

modern-white-kitchen-red-surfaces-worktopsThis white kitchen is wonderfully brought together with bright red worktops. The modern design is encouraged further with sleek glass fronted wall united and splash-backs. A light, spacious and well ventilated feel to this interior is evident. That melon looks irresistible too.

contemporary-white-kitchen-designA contemporary white kitchen is complimented with streamlined metallic surfaces and furnishings with suitable matching floor design. Some sexy artwork adds to the young, cool and dynamic ambiance.

white-kitchen-wood-laminate-worktopsWhite gloss units match perfectly with the dark wood laminate worktops to produce a tidy and bright kitchen environment. If you’re on a low budget, this is easy to achieve. Note the light blue walls and how they match with a few of the accessories like the bread bin. The red coordinated items add a lovely touch.

white-kitchen-yellow-highlightsIt’s important in a white kitchen to pick an accent color that will add interest and focus. Yellow is a cheerful summer color which is showcased beautifully in this interior space.

white-shaker-style-kitchenThis Shaker style white kitchen incorporates off-white units topped with a dark wooden worktop. The rustic finish and the ceramic butler’s sink increases the fabulous style and character of the space. Note again, how the light green of the doors is matched elsewhere in the room. Little things like this can really make an interior go from good to great!

white-traditional-kitchen-unitsThis kitchen exudes a friendly and socialible aura with the dining table in the centre of the room. Classic white cabinets and units with black granite worktops hint at a traditional feel. Wooden floorboards prove that this kind of flooring really can go with many styles and themes. The comfortable white cushions add to this welcoming interior.