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One of the largest and most underutilized interiors in the home is the basement. Many families use this vast space as a storage area for old furniture, mattresses and shelving full of junk. This is a shame because the basement has the potential to become an extra room in the home you never realised you truly had. This article explores 8 great ways to completely transform the basement into a room you’ll look forward to relaxing, playing or working in, often with the whole family.

Gym – Get those abs moving baby! A home gym provides the family with an on-your-dootstep work-out room. It can be an uncomfortable experience visiting a public gym especially if you’re unfit or overweight, and so a basement fitness area is a great alternative. It’s also more likely to get the family keeping to their fitness regimes as travelling to a faraway gym can easily end up as a good enough excuse just to quit exercising altogether.

Games Room – Men love to get away from the hectic schedule of work and routine by relaxing in a room with a snooker table, games console or dart board. In fact, the basement is the perfect place to hold card games with friends as well as other table based games like chess and backgammon. With the addition of a television and other electronic devices, it might be difficult for the women of the family to get the men out of the basement at all.

Bar – A home bar will be an addition which will go well with the aforementioned games room. For skilled carpenters, putting together a bar with matching shelving and stools shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Bars for the home can also be bought online and come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. A major plus of a basement bar is the natural sound-proofing the ground surrounding it provides. This allows for gatherings and social occasions to go on for longer and to be a lot more vibrant without disturbing the neighbors.

Movie Theatre – Movies are a big source of entertainment for families right across the world. Everyone has a favourite film and a fond memory of going to the cinema as a child. A small movie theatre in the basement is a wonderful way to bring the magic of the cinema into the home. Going to the movies can be expensive and waiting for the right movie to come along inconvenient but with a home movie theatre, any film can be watched at any time by friends and family in an intimate setting.

Wine Cellar – For devoted wine connoisseurs, finding a good place to store their expensive wine collection can be a hassle. However, if there’s a basement with nothing much in it, then this is a perfect environment for wine bottles. Wine needs a storage area which is not prone to wild temperature changes and is dry. With proper ventilation, damp-proofing and climate control systems, a home basement will provide the perfect spot for bottles – even barrels – of wine.

Meditation Retreat – Buddhism and related Eastern philosophies are an increasingly popular practice amongst many Westerners. Meditation rooms are therefore a much sought after type of interior in some homes and the basement is an ideal location for one. Qualities of this area of the house which are conducive to meditation practice include quietness, privacy and a sense of earthliness. (See also: Wooden Buddha Statues).

Model Makers Heaven – There are thousands upon thousands of model making enthusiasts across the United States who love to build model railways, historic battlefield scenes, and model towns and villages. Understandably, lack of space is an issue which affects most model makers but with a newly refurbished basement, the dream of building a mini-New York or recreating the famous Battle of Gettysburg will become a reality. Model makers will have more than enough space to fit a number of tables into their basement interiors and have plenty of access space to spare.

When deciding upon the new use for your neglected basement, consider how the whole family can benefit from the space. The lowest level of the house, whilst often thought of as a rather spooky place, thanks to horror movies, can in fact become the most welcoming and cosy setting in the entire home. Just because it might not have windows, doesn’t mean it can’t become a light filled and attractive interior with the use of ambient lighting, mirrors, art work and decorative touches.