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The hallway is the first part of your home that family, friends and visiting guests see upon arrival. It’s therefore important to make this space visitor friendly as well as inviting, warm and visually attractive. The follow are a few simple ways to completely transform the look of your hallway without splashing too much cash in the process. You’re sure to find entering your own home much more pleasing after the changes have been completed.


Hallways tend to be narrow spaces and can feel a little cramped and dark. One great answer to this problem is the addition of mirrors. The reflection from the mirror will make the space look larger as well as add extra light to the interior. This will make your hallway more cheerful and a lot more welcoming to friends, family and visiting guests. You can either place one large mirror on the wall or alternatively, a series of smaller ones in different locations.

Be Unique

The first area of your home a guest will see is the hallway. If you want to make a good first impression, then this is the space in which to do it. Show who you are and express your personality with the décor of your hallway. Add some expressive, unique and even funny items that will get your visitors talking, smiling and even laughing. There are thousands of accent piece possibilities for the wall or small tables that will represent your tastes and interests. If you like cats, then why not find some artistic cat wall decals to attach to the walls, perhaps leading towards the staircase and up.

Storage Bench

A storage bench fulfils two roles in one. If you have long sought a way to add extra storage space to the house for blankets and towels, then an attractive storage bench in the hall is the perfect solution. Hallways with windows and a lot of light can be wonderful places to situate a seating furniture piece in which to quietly enjoy the ambiance, chat with friends or sit whilst waiting for family members to get ready. They come in a variety of materials, colors and designs, including with in-built coat racks.


The flooring in the hallway is a highly important aspect of home décor to get right. After all, it is the place where we enter and exit the house the most and thus must withstand the daily wear and tear of outdoor shoes. Carpet is a popular choice here and this brings comfort, softness and a welcoming feel to the entryway. That said, it does have to be looked after, especially during the wet winter months. Rugs make a great addition and go a long way in protecting the existing flooring from stains, damage and scratches.

Funky Doormat

Get a funky doormat to show visitors what they might expect to see when they have entered your home. There are literally thousands of fun and interesting doormat designs, for all themes, occasions, styles and personalities. Plain versions are of course suitable for understated hallways but if you want a bit of a lift, then select one which will bring a smile to your visitor’s faces. Some come with humorous quotations or phrases whilst others are based on a theme such as animals, US states, flowers or sports teams.

Home-made Craft

Why buy something when you can make it yourself? If you’re handy with a needle and thread, then make some handmade items to adorn the walls. You can frame an embroidery piece and place it next to the front door so it can be seen when entering and exiting. Maybe you are fond of calligraphy, in which case you can create a welcome message or an inspiring quote to go somewhere in the hallway. Other home-made possibilities to be situated in this area include baskets, pottery, illustrations, textile arts, woodcarvings and of course, your own oil or watercolour paintings. Nothing says more about you than that which has been created by your own hand.

Coat Hooks

Hooks for coats, scarves and umbrellas usually fade into the background. This needn’t be the case however and with a little searching, you’ll be able to find coat hooks that almost seem to jump out at you. Like with doormats, coat hooks can be found in a myriad of styles and sizes, ranging from the classically ornate through to the wild and wonderful. Coat racks also vary in design and hooks can be found in sets of one, three, four and more. One of my favourite coat hook racks is the “Hang-It-All Wall Rack” which comes with painted circle hooks and is by one of the most famous of 20th Century design teams, Charles and Ray Eames.