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Transforming and redesigning a living room interior doesn’t have to be expensive or a major hassle. A few simple additions to a room can change its appearance dramatically and bring out surprising results. The following 7 simple tips provide you with excellent ways to transform the main room of your home and make the interior a welcoming place for both your family and visiting guests.


There’s a marked difference between a room with flowers and a room without flowers. The former is usually full of color, character, vitality and fresh air whilst the latter can be seen as stale, lifeless, boring and altogether rather depressing. Bring some flowers into the home and watch the interior spring to life. Match these with some vibrant vases in a style you like and place in prominent positions in the living room. Locations can include next to the television, on a table or on the floor in a corner.


Unlike with a bedroom, the curtains in the living room don’t need to be too thick and dark in tone. We don’t use the living room for sleeping in (unless someone has forgotten an important anniversary) and so keeping the daylight out early in the morning is not a concern. Privacy and decorative merit are the factors you need to consider when it comes to selecting curtains for this area of the room. Select thinner fabrics with lighter colored patterns, which will make the room appear brighter.

A Bit of Bold Contrast

Don’t be afraid to add some contrast to the living room. This might involve adding a small element to the interior which you might not think would fit. Try it and see. One example would be a zebra print cushion or chair which would bring an eye-catching feature to the setting. It can be a small item but one which you will not fail to see when scanning the room with your eyes. This brings extra character to a room and prevents drabness.

A Second-Hand Rug

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive rug for your living room. Find a market, garage sale or second-hand store in your local area and have a look around. I’ve often found magnificent items in these places which are going for a fraction of the original price for which they were no doubt bought. Old rugs can really enhance a floor space especially beneath a coffee table or in front of the television. You’ll find all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials and colors.

Room Dividers

Most people complain of a room being too small but there are times when a room can be too big. When this is the case, there is a very simple way to divide the space into two and thereby make smaller sections. Room dividers can make a massive room into two medium sized spaces and the best part of it is that they can be easily moved whenever you want a change. Perhaps you have a large open studio apartment and want to section off a small area for meditation or yoga practice. A room divider is perfect for this and they can be found in a myriad of designs to suit your style.

Paint One Wall

Instead of painting a whole room, why not just paint one wall? Paint can be expensive and messy, and in bulk it can be tempting to put the job off until next year. However, by painting one wall, the room can be completely transformed and the light effect of the interior changed immensely. If the room is white to begin with, perhaps paint one of the walls a more warmer color such as in a tasteful pink or yellow tone. This will offer a cosy area to the living room where the sofa might be placed.

More Cushions

Cushions make furniture look larger, more comfortable and bring color to the arrangement. If your sofa or living room as a whole needs extra vitality, then buy a few new cushions (and/or covers) and add them to the seating furniture present in the room. You can either buy matching sets or you can buy different designs which will present a multiple color and pattern effect. Think about placing cushions on the floor as well.