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Increasingly these days, more and more people are choosing to work from home. With the arrival of the internet age, the ability to work online and from any location means the demand for attractive, comfortable and indeed professional home office interiors is growing. Whether you work from home and host visiting clients or you like to spend a few hours in your home library each weekend, then the following tips and advice will help you in deciding how best to transform the present interior you have into something much more appealing and decoratively successful.


Wall art can influence the ambiance and décor of any room. This is particularly so in the home study or library where existing décor might seem a little bland. Prints make a wonderful addition and can echo the type of work or reading material present in the room. For example, maybe you work online from home in a travel related business. If so, you can have prints (framed or otherwise) of famous tourist destinations and cultural scenes from around the world. Perhaps you have lots of books related to dogs, which you own as well, thus making prints showing dogs and related canine scenes, the ideal accessory.


Have you ever been attracted to those old and musty book stores seen in movies? I certainly have and one way to do this is to paint your home library walls a dark color such as black, grey, dark brown or deep purple. However, if the windows in the room are too small, this will backfire and create a rather miserable and hard-to-read-in interior. The answer lies in either having big windows, or installing a skylight. This is an expensive choice but can transform a library type room tremendously. Natural daylight will stream into the room and create a delightful ambiance in the resulting cosy and snug reading space.

Old Furniture

New furniture for a home study or office can be very expensive. An alternative is to seek out second-hand furniture shops or garage sales. It’s impossible to count the number of times I’ve found outstanding bargains from these sorts of places and you will too. For a home study, an old wooden dining table will make a perfect rustic working desk which will provide ample space for computers, printers and writing space. You can give the table or whatever you find a lick of paint to breathe new life into it and to help it merge with the existing décor scheme.

Desk with Hutch

One furniture piece that I’ve found can completely transform a room on its own is a home office desk with hutch. These are basically a regular desk with in-built drawers, cabinets and shelving that reach up close to the ceiling. They look attractive and can be found in a range of woods, colors and styles. Their practicality makes them a popular choice and any number of items and accessories can adorn the shelves and surfaces to make the furniture piece even more visually pleasing. They are not all that expensive either.

Check some out here: Top 10 Black Desks with Hutch.


The number of books you own will contribute to the amount of shelving and space you need to allocate for in your home library. If you have a reasonably small collection of books then a single corner shelf might well be enough. On the other hand, if you are a bookworm like me and cannot stop purchasing novels, encyclopaedias, design catalogues, history books and a whole lot more, then it might be a case of building wall to wall shelving. Simple square latticework style shelving will suit a modern interior and these can be complimented with unique and original shelving designs which stand alone.

Desk Lamps

When working late at night, as I often do, I like to keep the main lights down low and work from the light given off by a strong and attractive desk lamp. I find it helps concentrate the mind and makes the atmosphere more conducive to work. Of course, not everyone will enjoy working this way in their home office, study or studio. Desk lamps are vital items of equipment when it comes to computer work, writing letters, completing homework and sorting through those ghastly bills. Luckily, there are thousands of different desk lamp designs and selecting one that suits you can really add character and decorative splendour to a home office.

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist and have a fondness for old American crime thrillers, then the classic green banker’s desk lamps might make a perfect addition to a sturdy oak wood office desk. In the same way, if you want a more contemporary feel then there are lamps which look like they have come straight from NASA or a passing UFO. These will have excellent quality light effects and come with many various features the older lamps just don’t have.