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Every child, even those who are considered generally well-behaved, need a time out every now and then, as punishment after doing something naughty. What better way to combine punishment and decorative form than with this kid’s hourglass stool which features a natural timer in the form of falling sand. It’s timed to fall from one compartment to the next in exactly 5 minutes making it easy to know when your child’s punishment session has come to an end.

The Time Out Timer Stool from Wisteria is based on the iconic sand timer which was a primary tool used to track the passage of time before mechanical clocks and watches. It is thought they were first seen in Europe around the 8th Century AD but from where they originated before that is unknown. The hourglasses, also known as sand timers, became popular instruments on-board ships where they became indispensable for determining distances and even lines of longitude. They were also seen in churches, factories, work places, and domestic homes where they were used to measure sermons, cooking time, and time spent on breaks from labor.

This children’s time-out stool is made from sturdy mango wood and contained fine white sand within the pair of hourglass bulbs. They are available in white or navy blue and are attractive in form and definitely highly functional as an aid in teaching your kids right from wrong. After the 5 minute time frame has elapsed, your child can return to playing or homework whilst the hourglass stool is placed back in the corner of the bedroom or playroom where it will complement existing décor and even become a stool used during non-punishment periods.

You can buy one from here: Time Out Timer Stool.

Via: Freshome.